For years I have been obsessed with haunted attractions and the amount of work it takes to bring these creepy houses to life. From the world building involved in crafting story lines to the distraction scare there is a lot of thought that goes into these concepts.  I have worked in and around the industry in the past and hope to bring a haunted attraction of my own to life before I die.  Until then we are going to spotlight some of our favorite haunted attraction all across American that give us the Heeby Jeebies!

The Janitor is back for 2014 and the old schoolhouse will never be the same. The haunt is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is in an actual abandoned elementary school. Setting the perfect scene for a vintage creepy feel to travel back in time and scare the pants off you. Every Halloween season they prove school is a pretty terrifying experience. The original school house was opened 1894 and shut down in the 1950s. Legend has it that janitor Charlie McFree was relentlessly teased by the children. Eventually he reached his breaking point and dismantled the student body one by one killing them then storing the little brats in the basement. Now they haunt the 18,000 square feet schoolhouse of terror. Even the co-owner Bud Stross admits he wouldn’t spend the night there.  I hope you have a hall pass, or your could lose your head. By the time you reach the pinnacle of the haunted house, the basement, you may have already peed your pants. But we all know only cool kids pee their pants. If you are brave enough to go into the basement and face the killer janitor you have to be one brave soul.

If you look at our gallery below you will see the detail in this haunt is absolutely amazing. It feels like you are walking onto the set of a big budget horror film.

“We are obsessed with details, we want it to look real and we want it to scare people.” said Stross.

From the lighting to the dusty cobwebs everything looks to be meticulously placed to create a crumbling and forgotten about schoolhouse of horrors. When you add creepy characters like a child killing janitor that lives in the basement you have nightmare fuel that will last all season long.