Break out some fava beans and a nice Chianti!

Jodie Foster just might end up coming to NBC’s Hannibal to direct, if executive producer Bryan Fuller gets his way.

At last night’s HBO Emmy party, E-Online overheard the showrunner ask the original Hannibal movie star if she would be willing to come and direct the series during its third season, which is set to begin production next week.

Jodie was noncommittal, but said she’d think it over. We’ll probably never see Clarice Starling on the NBC TV show, but having her behind the camera would be sort of cool in its own right.

Fuller also tweeted a pic of the two together with this caption: “WHEN #HANNIBAL WORLDS COLLIDE.”

Season three of Hannibal will pick up one year after the brutal events of the season two finale, and episode four will fill in the gap of what happened during that time.

Source: E-Online