Life and death, dreams and nightmares, fear and desire – A short film of binaries and fate from filmmaker and editor, Thad Nurski.

A Dimly Lit Room is a high-concept film set in the shadows of a dreamlike world.  Our protagonist, Asher, meets our antagonist, Persephone, in a gloomy room where Asher learns that what surrounds him will directly affect his future.  A simple conversation with Persephone teaches Asher that his existence is in jeopardy with grave consequences to follow if he does not solve his situation before it is too late.

A Dimly Lit Room combines a surreal narrative with high-fashion aesthetics.  We are achieving this practically with in-camera effects using a combination of projection, ultraviolet lighting and florescent makeup and costume design.  These supplies are not cheap and are often difficult to acquire.  They are also very demanding to work with, requiring a lot of time, effort and attention to detail. A Dimly Lit Room is a passion project for all of its collaborators.  Up until this point, we have financed our testing and development with the ultraviolet products ourselves.  However, we cannot complete the finished film without your generous help.

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