Okay, it’s October everyone. 31 days of celebrating Fall and, more importantly, horror. In honor of this, we at DRC present: “Stream Scream”. Each night we will all tune into the same movie at 9:00PM Central. Log into Twitter and chat along using the hashtag #ScreamStream. You might also want to mention @downrightcreepy and/or @erichavens. In the spirit(pun intended) of making it accessible to as many of you as possible, all of the movies on this list are currently available on Netflix Streaming. So join in, watch along, and feel free to start a good old conversation. See you on the other side.

October 9th

You’re Next

October 10th

Blood Glacier

October 11th

The Legend of Hell House

October 12th

The Banshee Chapter

October 13th


October 14th

The Sacrament

October 15th

The Blair Witch Project

October 16th


October 17th

The Stuff

October 18th

Jug Face

October 19th

The Vampire Lovers

October 2oth

All Cheerleaders Must Die

October 21st

The Fly(1958)

October 22nd

Almost Human

October 23rd


October 24th

Monkey Shines

October 25th

American Mary

October 26th

Dead Snow

October 27th

Humanoids From the Deep

October 28th

Kiss of the Damned

October 29th


October 3oth

Maniac (2012)

October 31st

Night of the Living Dead