Our favorite horror photographer, Joshua Hoffine is teaming up with the toy company Mezco to help create a Living Dead Dolls book titled “16 Years of Terror – Art Inspired by The Living Dead Dolls” You can be part of the horror if you submit your photos by June 6th. More details below!

Award winning photographer Joshua Hoffine is well known for creating some of the most disturbing and horrific images in modern photography.

Often utilizing elaborate and meticulously detailed sets, he eschews Photoshop and relies on props, special effects, costumes, and old-fashioned camera tricks. The end results are lushly cinematic nightmares.

Now, for the first time, he is teaming up with The Living Dead Dolls to create an image for their upcoming book, 16 Years of Terror- Art Inspired by The Living Dead Dolls. The book, set to be published in the 4th quarter of 2014, will feature the work of over a hundred artists, each inspired by The Living Dead Dolls.

“It is a great thrill to be working with Mr. Hoffine,” said Mezco’s Mike Drake. “We’ve all been fans of his work for some time now… one of his photos even hangs in the Mezco offices. To have a photographic genius and master of the macabre like him team up with The Living Dead Dolls is both exciting and terrifying. I have a feeling there will be more than a few nightmares once he unveils the unholy spawn of this union.”

Added Joshua Hoffine, “I’m excited about working with The Living Dead Dolls. My wife and daughters own several. This project is a fun opportunity to pay homage to a unique and influential contributor to the horror landscape.”

Damien Glonek, one of the original creators of The Living Dead Dolls, added, “Any artists out there, if you have Living Dead Doll-inspired art, send us an email at LivingDeadDollsArt@gmail.com before June 6th; we may have a place for you in the book!”