Kate McKinnon’s ‘Kellywise’ is SNL Gold!

The political climate in America has always provided ample ammunition for sketch comedy shows. One of TV’s longest running – Saturday Night Live – has always been on the forefront of taking headlines and spinning them in ways to uncomfortably delight its viewing base.

With the Trump Administration in office and seemingly no end in sight for the collective stockpile of comedic satire, we have once again been given an absolute gem in the form of ‘Kellywise The Dancing Clown’, hilariously performed by one of SNL’s strongest and funniest cast members in decades, Kate McKinnon.

The way in which McKinnon channels her inner Bill Skarsgard is nothing short of perfection, tormenting CNN’s Anderson “Georgie” Cooper, matching the latter’s speaking cadence and inflection almost flawlessly.

While many believe SNL has been hit-or-miss in recent years, this proves that there is hidden genius still left to be tapped within its ranks.