Kickstarter Slasher ‘Last Year’ Shows Off Gameplay Footage but Delays Release

Back in 2014 a few indie game developers got together with a great concept for an 80’s slasher game. ‘Last Year’ allowed players to be the killer or play as high school kids (the victims) and try and survive the “last day” of their senior year. I remember contributing to the project then completely forgetting about it. What I remembered most is how similar ‘Last Day’ and another 80’s slasher game ‘Summer Camp’ seemed to be. Both had a killer that resembled Jason from Friday the 13th and ‘Last Day’ even has a stage titled “Camp Silver Lake.” Since then it looks like they have added some more villains to the mix.
Another interesting parallel to ‘Last Day’ and ‘Summer Camp’ which horror fans now know as ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ is that both games have had to push their release date from 2016 to mid 2017. Mainly for the same reason. Both teams want to create the best gaming experience for their audience and the dev teams working on each project is very small.

It is interesting to see both games get funded by fans and have such similar paths. ‘Last Day’ is now expected to be released on PC gaming platforms in August of 2017. While ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ is shooting for Spring of 2017 for PS4 and Xbox platforms.
Regardless of the delays and fan disappointments that came with it – I think it’s great both shops have decided to hold off on a release date until they produce the best experience possible.

While we wait with baited breath ‘Last Day’ released some gameplay footage and it looks really clean and smooth. I’d like to get a bit more but this will have to do for the time being. I’m hoping once they get the PC experience nailed down they will consider expanding to PS4 and Xbox. Check out the footage and official synopsis below.

Last Year is a 5 vs 1 multiplayer survival horror game where 5 players play as a group of classic high school characters and must survive against one player that’s playing as the Killer. As the students your goal is to escape from East Side Highschool and make it out alive. You’ll need to work together by searching for resources and crafting weapons if you expect to survive.

Playing as the Killer is a completely different experience and you’ll be hunting down and ambushing the other players as they try to escape. There are multiple killer types to choose from and each one has its own unique weapons and abilities which lets you choose the playing style you want. You can move quick and light as The Strangler, or go in heavy as The Slasher. All the Killers have predator mode which lets them unspawn and turn invisible. This lets Killers appear from anywhere, ensuring students are never fully safe.

Each survivor has a role to play, like Medic or Technician, and each role helps keep the group alive. Players need to work together and protect each other and they’ll be faced with moral dilemmas along the way. Do you split up and betray your friends to save yourself? Or do you survive as a group and escape together?

Source: Imgur