Filmmaker David Fisher is hell bent on remaking the classic vampire film, Nosferatu! To this day Nosferatu continues to be one of the more frightening versions of a vampire we’ve ever experienced in film. Now, with your help, David can bring him back to life in a whole new modern way. What better person to play Nosferatu than acclaimed monster man, Doug Jones. But they need your help! Find our more about the project in their campaign video then check out their Kickstarter Campaign page to see how you can help and what perks are available to those who donate.

The goal of this project is to produce a feature-length, faithful homage to this classic masterpiece through use of an updated story structure, plot pacing, visual effects, and importantly sound and music,” says Fisher. “We believe this ‘fresh take on an old tale’ will bring something new to devoted fans and excite an entire new generation of audiences as well.