I am a sucker for survival horror games, especially when multiple players can be in the same game experience at once. While I would prefer it would be available on multiple platforms it will initially only be available on PC. Hopefully if it gets made and meets its goal we can see them expand onto PS4 or XBox ONE.  If PC gaming isn’t your style check out another survival horror game coming out soon featuring Tom Savini titled SUMMER CAMP.

In Last Year you’ll experience the nightmare together as you and 5 friends struggle to survive against one player that’s playing as the Killer. Explore familiar territory based on classic horror movie locations including Camp Silver Lake and East Side High. You’ll play the roles of 5 stereotypical high school characters while co-operating to complete objectives and survive.
When playing as the Killer you’ll utilize game-changing Predator mechanics to help you hunt down and eliminate your victims before they have a chance to escape. Players will sneak and slash their way through a suspenseful atmosphere that keeps them on the edge of their seat as they compete to be the top Killer or best Survivors.




Each survivor plays a role like assault or medic, and each role has a unique set of abilities that help the group work together and stay alive.

  • Amber – Scout Can spot the Killer and display his position on the map for other players to see. Can also spot supplies on the map easier than the rest including flashlights and weapons. Weak against attacks from the Killer.
  • Chad – Assault Offers protection to the other players and can melee attack/stun the Killer, giving the other survivors a chance to escape. Strong to withstand attacks from the Killer.
  • Nick – Technician Fixes phone lines, generators, picks locks, hot wires vehicles, and anything else that needs to be repaired. He has a pet rat named Rasmus that you can play as. As Rasmus you can travel through small passages to unlock doors from the other side and provide spy-cam style intel on where the Killer is. Very weak against attacks from the Killer.
  • Sam – Medic Heals wounded players to full health.
  • Troy – Support  Also offers protection and can also place traps for the killer which deals damage and slows him down. Can melee attack/stun the Killer same way as Chad.




In movies the Killer always appears when the victims least expect it. Nowhere is safe. The same goes for Last Year. Survivors can never fully “out run” the Killer because the Killer can spawn his or her self almost anywhere they want. It works like this: Say you are a Survivor walking through the halls of the high school. If the Killer spots you from afar he can’t just chase you down and attack you because Survivors run faster than the Killer can. Instead, the Killer needs to try and take you by surprise and attack you from up close. To get into the perfect attack position he’s able to unspawn and go into Predator mode if he isn’t within your line of sight. Once he’s in predator mode he can move super fast, way faster than survivors can, but he can’t attack. He can, however, watch you and study your movements.