Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro are reportedly teaming up on a Silent Hill reboot starring Norman Reedus. Check out the teaser below. The footage looks fucking incredible! Stunning gameplay in a creepy environment.


What we do know is that del Toro and Kojima have been quite buddy buddy as of late: it wasn’t long ago that Kojima was showing immense delight for Pacific Rim, and even released a limited edition Metal Gear Solid-themed poster that was given away to early Pac-Rim moviegoers. Del Toro once planned to put his imprint on a horror game by the name of Insane back in 2010, but the game never saw the light of day and since has faded into obscurity. It only seems appropriate that these two would come together on a video game project, and that it might be Silent Hill makes this all the more a match made in heaven.

Source: Nerdist & IGN