Some of you may remember that Texas Chainsaw Massacre was originally an actual game on Atari. It was very controversial since all you did was run around killing people with a chainsaw. The graphics were awful and there was no actual gore, but nevertheless it still had parents up in arms based on a horrific movie.

With the explosion of NES adaptations of horror icons it’s not surprise someone decided to cash in on a TCM version. Previously we have seen Freddy, Predator and Jason brought back from the 8-bit graveyard to become popular collectible action figures from NECA.

Now artist Blake Armstrong, who blew everyone’s collective minds with his Re-Animator print, is back with another piece of art that will have you shredding your bank account for one.

Armstrong, better known as Spaceboy Comics, revealed his latest masterpiece: cover art for a faux NES The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game that comes straight with “high resolution graphics!” Get more info on the piece as it becomes available by following Armstrong on Twitter.


Source: BD