Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Dougherty along with Bryan Singer, Dylan Baker, Brian Cox, Quinn Lord & Jean-Luc Bilodeau sit down for an exclusive Q&A interview following an online stream of the halloween fan favorite Trick ‘R Treat! During the Q&A big news was released regarding a Trick ‘R Treat sequel! Sam will return!

When asked about doing a Trick ‘R Treat sequel Dougherty replied, “I’d like to. I don’t have the authority.” Green asked who did have that authority, and Dougherty replied, “Thomas Tull, head of Legendary,” indicating Tull was in the audience. Tull then was asked to stand up and when asked if we could get a Trick r’ Treat sequel replied, “I’m not saying no to Sam, so…”

And with that, the Trick ‘r Treat 2 title came up on screen behind the panelists, to big cheers from the crowd.

Check out the Live Q&A event below moderated by my arch nemesis, Seth Green!