The Lego Reenactment of ‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere is Just as Brutal as the Real Thing

As a fan of The Walking Dead since season 1 and a very casual comic book reader we can all agree it has its ups and downs from season to season and page to page. Some people complain it is boring. Or there isn’t not enough zombies, violence, blood and gore. Well here is a newsflash. It’s a drama wrapped around the zombie apocalypse so it’s not always meant to be about flesh eating monsters running after hordes of people. It’s about the relationships of the characters we follow on a weekly basis and the dire situations they sometimes find themselves in. How they react to those situations tell the story we as viewers all know and love. I will be the first to admit it has faults from time to time but most popular TV shows do.


So for all of those of you out there bored with The Walking Dead, the season 7 premiere was one for the record books. Being touted as one of the most violent episodes in television history, we saw both Abraham and Glenn’s brutal deaths at the hands of Negan’s leading lady Lucille. Who has turned out to be a real vampire bat thirty for blood. Negan has promised to shed more blood. Rick’s group looks like they are in a world of trouble. Be prepared to settle in with Negan for awhile because he won’t be going anywhere.

Until then you can watch the brutal scenes from season 7 unfold again but this time in LEGO form! Well isn’t that cute!? Don’t get to carried away because the deaths are just as gruesome as LEGOs as they were in real life.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Source: Youtube: kristo499