Lionsgate Confirms that ‘JIGSAW’ Will Return in New ‘SAW’ Film

When SAW 3D: THE FINAL CHAPTER hit theaters in 2010 after 7 straight Octobers with a new film in the franchise. The franchise had become a Tour De Force but also became stale pretty quickly in my opinion. I continued to go to theaters to see each and every film to discuss it on our podcast, Creepcast, but my interest was waning concluding with a money grab of 3D effects.

My favorite films in the series was SAW, SAW II and SAW VI that dealt with healthcare. It was timely then and it still is now. The rest of the films were repetitive and didn’t do much for the franchise.

So when the horror community speculated THE FINAL CHAPTER wasn’t the last we would see of Jigsaw, it turns out we were all correct. Rumors were stirring for quite sometime that Lionsgate would be bringing back Jigsaw for another run in SAW: LEGACY. Turns out we were only half right.

The eighth film in the SAW legacy will be titled JIGSAW. It was confirmed by Lionsgate early this week. Now in post-production they have a release date of October 27, 2017. Following in the tradition of the previous films before it. With the new title revealed as JIGSAW one would have to make the assumption that more Tobin Bell is in our future.

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Source: BD