Remember when SAW 7 The Final Chapter came out in 3D and the iconic franchise that pumped out a new movie each year finally came to a merciful end? Well after 3 years Lionsgate decided to start the games back up and give it another go. *face palm*

Iconic horror franchise never truly come to an end and in all honesty we knew this day would come sooner or later. Whether it was SAW 8 or rebooting the series in 10 years, it was going to happen. In 1984 Jason Voorhees was suppose to be put to rest with Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. We all know how that worked out. In the case of Friday the 13th I don’t think any of us truly ever want to see Jason die. But with a franchise like SAW it certainly felt like it had ran its course. The overkill of a new film every year at Halloween paired with a storyline that was diminishing hurt the franchise and ushered in the “torture porn” era of horror. I’ll admit…I am a fan of the first 3 films and the one that dealt with the healthcare system in america. So basically half of the films. That being said I could certainly do without another one.

Paranormal Activity picked up with SAW left off and that franchise has also been run into the ground in my opinion. I thought films 1-3 got stronger as the franchise went on but it’s another example of pumping out new films in a powerhouse box office horror franchise that eventually becomes tired and watered down.

While news that Lionsgate is actively pursuing SAW 8 there is no rush to get production started. Which is a good thing. To avoid a direct to DVD kind of film they really need to be clever about the storyline. Rumor has it they haven’t ruled out possibly making a remake – which makes no sense considering the original only came out 10 years ago. I am all for remakes at this point if they bring us a belolved film and update it for a new generation while keeping the integrity of the original counterpart. Until we get more details about SAW 8 – I will consider this one game I don’t want to play.

Source: BD