I am a big fan of Stephen McHattie (Pontypool, The Watchmen). He has a voice that will rock you to sleep then send you to hell. Which is perfect for his new film, HELLMOUTH!

Foresight Features brought us Monster Brawl (great idea, bad movie) and Exit Humanity (dug it) and now the bring us HELLMOUTH that was written by Pontypool’s Tony Burgess. The film is being directed by John Geddes (Exit Humanity), It’s a 1950′s throwback starring McHattie as a dying gravekeeper who must pass through Hell to save the soul of a beautiful woman, played by Siobhan Giles Murphy.

Burgess had this to say about the film..

I wanted to create a story-driven film with fantasy and horror combined. Something that was directly inspired by the era of Hitchcock and even Ed Wood,” said Geddes last year. “Working with a writer like Tony Burgess was a pleasure as we both love the simplicity in many of the old classic films of the 50′s and 60′s, and even earlier in films like Nosferatu and Faust. We worked really hard to make Hellmouth something fresh.