“The Mist” Episode 9 – The Waking Dream

The previous episode of Spike TV’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist showed just how dastardly and deranged Adrian and Nathalie have become. Now, as all parties converge on the mall both of these sinister manipulators get plenty more chances to show the extent of their evil.

Believing himself rid of Kevin (Morgan Spector) who knows his secret, Adrian (Russell Posner) is free to feed lies into the ears of Eve and Alex (Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney). Meanwhile, Nathalie (Frances Conroy) ruthlessly culls a few redshirts from her dwindling band before continuing on her journey to bring her bizarre crusade to the mall. Meanwhile, the luckless and wounded Kevin must try to catch up to the traitorous Adrian on foot with only the luckless mall exile Wes (Erik Knudsen) for company.

Kevin actually (finally!) gets some of the more interesting and exciting bits in this particular episode, his journey actually being fraught with a fair amount of tension and suspense. It alsmost seems that without Adrian’s needy presence weighing him down he is a stronger and more forceful character. Then there are Bryan/Jonah (Okezie Morro) and Mia (Danica Curcic) who for the last few episodes have done nothing more than make out with each other. Once they reach the mall they quickly find themselves wrapped up in some exciting business too, especially Jonah, who runs afoul of someone who just may know too much about him. The character development between these two characters hasn’t amounted to very much ever since the group’s stint at the hospital. But it feels right here and like they have finally found their chemistry together.

The only weak part of the episode is the chase subplot with Alex and Eve pursued by the vengeful mall survivors, instigated by the treacherous mall manager (Isaiah Whitlock Jr.) The handful of soccer moms he motivates to trot on their high heels in feeble pursuit of the protagonists is almost laughable. Then again, with truly dangerous elements such as Adrian and Nathalie infiltrating the mall perhaps it is appropriate that they come off as a joke.

It is unclear from this episode whether the season finale will yield any kind of answers. But with all factions now converged things there is potential for the first season of this enigmatic show to end any number of ways.