Walk up to your game shelf you grab that copy of Friday the 13th the video game you try to ignore that LJN logo that has haunted us for years you blow the dust out the cart and pop it into your Nintendo Entertainment System and try to enjoy what is the only way we gamers and horror fans have had to play our beloved slasher franchise for the past 25 years………Until now!?

Earlier Electronics Gaming Magazine learned that there is a new Friday the 13th game currently in development. Not very much has been released about the game yet but it was reported that the game will use references not only from the classic film franchise but it will also incorporate content and themes from the upcoming “Friday the 13th” tv series that is also in the works.

Friday the 13th creator Sean S. Cunningham said “With a new tv show on the horizon and plans announced for the 13th installment of the film franchise we felt the time was right to finally explore Jason,Camp Crystal lake, and the rest of the Friday the 13th story in a interactive form. We have some exciting new ideas for a game that supplies plenty of replay value, while delivering the kinds of thrills and scared that fans of the franchise have come to expect”

The game is said to a have a co-operative and competitive multi-player predator/prey horror experience that pits a small group of survivors up against a single player that gets to control non other that Jason Voorhees himself.

That’s right you get to play as JASON FUCKIN’ VOORHEES!

Cunningham also hinted that an experienced game studio is taking the reins of development and an announcement will be made within weeks to come however they are pushing for a October 2015 release date.