Open Your Door to The Possession Experiment

THE POSSESSION EXPERIMENT tells the story of Brandon (Chris Minor), who has always been drawn to the supernatural.  When asked to pick a topic for his final world theology class project, he decides to explore the dark world of exorcisms.  Teamed with three classmates, Brandon investigates a multiple homicide that the group eventually discovers was an exorcism gone horribly wrong.  Brandon becomes obsessed with the event and, in a strange turn of events, decides the only way to research the topic is to undergo an exorcism himself.

“Some doors should never be opened,” but if this synopsis of THE POSSESSION EXPERIMENT intrigues you, the movie is available from Momentum Pictures on December 6, 2016, via On Demand, Digital HD and DVD.  It’s directed by Scott B. Hansen, written by Mary J. Dixon and Scott B. Hansen and also stars Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper, with KT Fanelli and Bill Moseley.