For those of you who haven’t seen the film but are about to, Mister Babadook infiltrates our lead character’s home under the guise of a children’s pop-up book. A sweet, innocent, purely evil children’s pop-up book. Now you can own Mister Babadook the pop-up coffee table book for $80!


We’ve obviously made the film, but we haven’t published the book yet. That’s what our campaign is all about. We’re here to publish that delightfully creepy book. And we need your help. It’s REALLY simple. All you need to do to support us is order a copy of the book. We reach 2000 pre-orders? We get to make that book! And you get your own copy in the process. It’s a win-win situation. If we don’t reach 2000 orders, you’re not charged, but we don’t make the book. So we need everyone to order asap to reach our publishing goals. By being a supporter of our book publishing campaign, you will become the proud owner of a book that will scare the bejesus out of you every time you read it. Or make you feel traumatised whenever you walk past your bookshelf and see it. It also makes a perfect gift for the children of people you hate!

We are not going to churn out any rubbish here. Oh no. The book we publish is going to be made to the same scale and level of quality as the handmade book in the film.

We have chosen Insight Editions as our publisher, because they are the best there is as far as Mister Babadook is concerned. Insight have a lot of experience with pop-up books, having published popular works such as the Game Of Thrones Pop-Up Guide To Westeros and Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book.

Each book will have a beautiful red fabric hardback cover. And each pop-up image will be printed on beautiful quality paper, hand glued and made to the highest standards. Just like the book in the film. Each book will be hand signed by director Jennifer Kent and Alex Juhasz.

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