Re-visting the WNUF Halloween Special is a Real Treat

“It’s scary. Animal mutilation. Paranormal disturbances. Devil Worship. This is not staged. Going where no camera crew has gone before…You’re watching the WNFU Halloween Special.”

It is not the first time reality has been blurred with fiction and certainly won’t be the last. But that is exactly what the folks behind the WNUF Halloween Special wanted you to think in 1987. Much like War of the Worlds before it and the 1992 BBC Halloween Special after people have been trying to dupe a live audience for years – and sometimes it works. But this is a slice of pure gold for 80’s kids during the Halloween season.

For those of you that may not be familiar with the special it originally was broadcast live on October 31, 1987, as the “WNUF Halloween Special” is a stunning expose of terrifying supernatural activity that unfolded at the infamous Webber House, the site of ghastly murders.

Local television personality Frank Stewart leads a group of paranormal investigators including Catholic exorcist, Father Joseph Matheson and the prolific husband-and-wife team Louis and Claire Berger. Together, the experts explore the darkest corners of the supposedly haunted Webber House, trying to prove the existence of the demonic entities within.

Did they find the horrific truth or simply put superstitious rumors to rest? Check out the trailer below to get a taste of the special in all it’s glory…and remember this, “that mask won’t hide your sins!”
You can purchase the special on via Amazon Video or on DVD.