After saying he was going to step away from the horror genre for awhile, rocker and director Rob Zombie wants to take on the Manson Family in a new TV series being deleloped for Fox.

The minds that independently came up with American Psycho’s American psycho Patrick Bateman and a song that samples Manson Family member Patricia Krenwinkel telling Diane Sawyer “I’m already dead” are teaming for a limited TV series on Fox about the Manson Family killings.

Author Bret Easton Ellis and rocker Rob Zombie are in the early stages of development for the series, according to Variety. Ellis will write the script and undisclosed additional materials, while Zombie will direct. The show will revisit the people and events that played into one of the most horrific crimes in American history.

In the hands of Ellis and Zombie, the story will be told from changing points of view as storylines converge around and after the murder spree that shocked the nation in the summer of 1969. It is being conceived as a multi-part series, but Variety says the final project has not yet received the green light.

“I have been obsessed with this insane story since I was a kid, so obviously I jumped at the chance to be involved in this incredible project,” Zombie said. “After speaking with Bret, I immediately realized that we shared the same vision for this epic madness.”

Zombie reportedly conceived the idea with a team at Madhouse Entertainment and brought it to Ellis and Alcon Television. The production companies have not yet optioned any source material, such as the book Helter Skelter or Rolling Stone’s 1970 cover story on Manson, for the project.


Source: Rolling Stone