A new cryptic teaser was released for Rob Zombie’s upcoming horror film titled “31” The last time we spoke with Zombie at SXSW he said he was stepping away from horror for awhile to pursue a 70’s hockey film. That has since been put on the back burner and it appears he will be stepping back to horror sooner than expected. Check out the teaser below.

If you watch the teaser trailer it asks you to sign-up for the rockers official website to stay up to date on his next project. What does “31” stand for? There are 31 days in October which could lend itself to Halloween. The teaser poster features a man with clown make-up. Perhaps makeup similar to the clown mask young Michael Myers wears when he murders his family. Hmm…

Something else to consider is a John Wayne Gacy pic in which we follow one of his victims that got away. Gacy was convicted of 33 murders before he went to prison but 2 of them got away to tell the tale. Will Zombie be sharing their story in a featured film? All speculation at this point. We would like to hear your thoughts!