Variety is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in talks to star in the remake of The Toxic Avenger. You heard me.

The Toxic Avenger is beloved or hated by many horror fans but no one is on the fence about it or Troma films in general. It’s about a janitor who becomes a superhero after falling into a vat of toxic waste. Released in 1984 from Troma Entertainment, The Toxic Avenger was a theatrical stinker but a cult phenomenon when it hit VHS. He later became Troma’s mascot of sorts. It even had a cartoon spin off, which was my favorite thing that came from the film.

Directed and co-written by Steve Pink (Hot Tube Time Machine), The Toxic Avenger reboot will be a less raunchy and more “family-friendly” adaptation, similar to the Toxic Crusaders animated series, which featured Toxie as the leader of a team of mutated superheroes who fought against evil alien polluters.

It should come as no huge surprise this is getting remade – but it is a bit odd that a Troma film would get remade. Nothing is safe. The bigger news is Arnold Schwarzenegger is in talks to star. I know what you are thinking, minimal makeup will be needed to transform Arnold into Toxie. One problem with that, he won’t be playing Toxie. According to Variety, “he’s in negotiations for another lead role in the reimagining of the 1980s cult pic.”


sources: Variety