One of the after hours, offsite parties at Comic-Con, was the Insidious Chapter 2 Fan Experience held at a multi-level loft in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, near the convention center. Guests were admitted in groups throughout the evening. We walked through several rooms decorated with scenes and props from last year’s horror hit, Insidious.


My favorite was the dining room, not because of the round table that had dice rolling on their own due to unknown forces, but because of the television on the other end of the room. Mostly displaying a creepy, Poltergeist-like static, it was occasionally interrupted by Tiny Tim’s song, Tiptoe through the Tulips. Just as that was the most disturbing memory of the movie Insidious for me, it was the most disturbing area of the Fan Experience.

The part I liked least about the movie Insidious was the mid-point arrival of paranormal investigators Specs and Tucker. I must admit, though, that the room with their office door and sign regarding their uncertain return hanging from the doorknob was a clever touch. Just past it were my other two favorite scenes: a baby carriage overflowing with creepy dolls and a bloody bathtub in the adjacent bathroom.

I enjoyed getting to see the Insidious 2 Fan Experience. Someone spent a lot of time and detail setting it up and I appreciate the effort. However, it was not an event at which I wanted to linger. There was really nowhere to relax and enjoy a cocktail and there was apparently no air conditioning. Nice place to visit, but I didn’t want to stay there.


I have a lot of the same feelings Jeff had toward the off-site event that took us into the “Further” Aside for the possessed table with dice roaming about on their own I also enjoyed the video clip in the baby crib with a ghost mumbling “He’s got your baby now!” Another creepy video clip was playing in the bathroom on a vanity that had teeth laying around it. The video featured Patrick Wilson’s character, Josh Lambert sticking a finger is his mouth with a concerned look on his face only to realize his teeth were falling out!

I might be the only guy in the world that didn’t mind the paranormal team of Specs and Tucker in the original Insidious film. They added some comedy to light the mood before it got dark and creepy again as we went into the “Further”.

An added feature to the event was the #iScream truck outside the experience. It featured 4 different kinds of ice creams all named after things pertaining to the film. Fans could tweet “#iScream for #Insidious2” and recieve one free treat of their choice.

I had a few “right place, right time” moments during Comic-Con and this night was no exception. As we were waiting for our turn to go into the “Further” I turned to my right and saw super producer / director Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity creator) eating an ice cream sandwich! We share a moment and a sandwich before he and his wife went on their way to another party for the evening.

Overall I wasn’t blown away by the Insidious 2 Fan Experience but the ice cream and Oren Peli made up for anything that was lacking inside. They also handed out a red branded Insidious 2 lantern to help you find your way through, the “Further” I have some video below but it was rather hard to film in the dimly lit loft and I didn’t want to ruin it for others by shining a bright light in each room. Enjoy!