I’m not a fan of NBC’s Grimm. In fact, I tried watching a couple of its first episodes and quickly gave up on it. However, if the footage shown during Saturday afternoon’s Comic-Con panel in room 6BCF is an indication of how the series has progressed, I’ll be tuning into its season three premiere in October.

The footage included the suspenseful, action-packed conclusion of season two and some new rough footage of where the story resumes this year.

This panel had the largest number of participants for any I’ve ever attended. Moderated by NBC newsman Lester Holt (his Dateline is going to be on the Friday night schedule with Grimm), the panel was comprised of four creators and eight cast members. Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe) was the most vocal of the cast, which doesn’t surprise me, considering his character was the one thing I remember enjoying about Grimm.

As usual, it was the creators who knew more than the actors about what is going to happen in the new season. That didn’t mean they’d reveal anything but tricks and teasers, though. Overall, it seems the show is going to ramp up the action and deepen the mythology. Mitchell joked that all he knows about the season came from an interview the producers did with TV Guide “and I got that from TV Guide.” But he admits that the fun of it all is the ride.

Grimm shoots in Portland and actress Bree Turner thinks being out of Los Angeles helps the chemistry of the cast. Actor Sasha Roiz added, “Portland is a lot weirder than we are,” to which Mitchell exclaimed, “Speak for yourself!”

Director Norberto Barba said that the pace of filming Grimm is “excruciatingly fast.” Although there is a lot of action this season, it’s anchored by strong scripts. “It’s amazing we do it in time and happily. That’s a gift.”

Finally, when asked how the world of social media, particularly Twitter, might affect the show, creator David Greenwalt admits that they’re aware of it. It sounds like fans should keep expressing their thoughts and ideas because he said, “If you hear enough of the same thing, you think about taking action.” After experiencing the panel, they’ve convinced me to take action and give Grimm another try.

I had the opportunity to speak with the producers and stars of Grimm. The interviews will be posted on Downright Creepy soon.