The Walking Dead is back and this year they brought Terminus with them. The line was already deep on preview night at The Walking Dead booth to catch a glimpse of what lies inside the walls of Terminus. The outside of the booth features maps to Terminus and notes left by those who made the journey to let people know they are on the right track.While you wait in line you will also watch clips from the upcoming season, game trailers and a preview of The Walking Dead at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Fans who have the patience to wait in line for around 45 minutes will get a photo opp with zombies in front of the collapsed tunnel entry way full of flesh eating zombies. Once you get away from them you will enter the tunnel and what you find on the other side may be more unnerving. You have arrived at Terminus. Inside the building is a make ship memorial for those who have been lost. Candlelight vigils surround you along with writing on the wall. “We First, Always.” and “Never Trust”

So what’s it going to be? Are you heading to Terminus? Those that arrive, survive.