Steven Yeun is constantly crushing zombies to avoid them ripping his flesh apart and now he is working on a project that centers around chewing flesh – sorta. THR reports that both Yeun and Felicia Day have signed on to lend their voices to Chew, an animated adaptation of a popular comic from Image Comics.

Chew has recieved several awards, and made its way on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Chew centers on a detective who is a “cibopath,” a person who gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats.

Yeun is voicing the detective, Tony Chu. Felicia Day will be taking on Chu’s love interest, a food critic named Amelia Mintz who is a “saboscrivner,” someone who can write about food so precisely the reader actually feels like they are tasting it. Literary food porn.

Jeff Krelitz is directing the project, which has a script by Chew co-creator John Layman. Krelitz is producing with David Boxenbaum via Heavy Metal, the duo’s multimedia company.


Source: Dread Central