It’s no fun coming to learn that your significant other has bad habits, a temper or family drama, but Evan’s (Lou Taylor Pucci) situation in Spring is above and beyond unnecessary spats and not doing the dishes. While backpacking along the Italian coast, Evan meets Louise (Nadia Hilker) and the two share an instant connection. However, as their romance intensifies, Evan also comes to realize that something isn’t quite right with the woman he thinks could be the love of his life. Turns out, Louise has a serious condition and it could put both their lives at risk.Spring’s made its way to quite a few notable film festivals including Fantastic Fest, Sitges and the Toronto International Film Festival, but now Drafthouse Films and FilmBuff are gearing up to share it with the public. It’s an especially powerful piece, one that takes the time to let you come to know and like the characters before teasing the more horrific elements of the experience. Look for Spring March 20th in theaters and on VOD.
After the loss of his mother Evan gets into an altercation that forces him to leave town for a bit. And leave he does, all the way to Italy. When he arrives in a small town he finds himself drawn to the mysterious Louise, who at first rejects his advances but soon romance begins to blossom between the couple. But as Evan gets closer to Louise he will find out her terrible secret. Tough choices will have to be made if their love is to last.


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