TWD1    TWD2

Starz / Anchor Bay | 20132014 | Season 4 | 696 min | Rated TV-MA |

The Walking Dead tells the story of the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and follows a small group of survivors traveling across the United States in search of a new home away from the hordes of zombies. The group is led by Rick Grimes, who was a police officer in the old world. As their situation grows more and more grim, the group’s desperation to survive pushes them to do almost anything to stay alive.

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, Norman Reedus
Directors: Frank Darabont, Ernest R. Dickerson, Guy Ferland, Greg Nicotero




Scream Factory | 1973 | 95 min | Rated PG |

A team consisting of a physicist, his wife, a young female psychic and the only survivor of the previous visit are sent to the notorious Hell House to prove/disprove survival after death. Previous visitors have either been killed or gone mad, and it is up to the team to survive a full week in isolation, and solve the mystery of the Hell House.

Starring: Pamela Franklin, Roddy McDowall, Gayle Hunnicutt, Clive Revill, Roland Culver, Peter Bowles
Director: John Hough




Blue Underground | 19801984 | 2 Movies | 198 min | Unrated |

HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD: An accident at a chemical plant unleashes a horrific virus, and an elite SWAT team is sent to New Guinea to investigate. But when they arrive on the hellish island, they discover a plague of flesh-eating zombies. RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR: In the year 225 A.B. (After the Bomb), a group of post-apocalyptic bikers discover an abandoned research laboratory filled with food, water… and thousands of rats. But these are no ordinary vermin; these are super-intelligent mutant rodents with a ravenous appetite for human flesh.

Starring: Margit Evelyn Newton, Franco Garofalo, José Gras, Selan Karay, Víctor Israel
Directors: Bruno Mattei, Claudio Fragasso




Starz / Anchor Bay | 2014 | 83 min | Rated R |

Michael King, who doesn’t believe in God or the Devil. Following the sudden death of his wife, Michael decides to make his next film about the search for the existence of the supernatural, making himself the center of the experiment – allowing demonologists, necromancers, and various practitioners of the occult to try the deepest and darkest spells and rituals they can find on him – in the hopes that when they fail, he’ll once and for all have proof that religion, spiritualism, and the paranormal are nothing more than myth. But something does happen.

Starring: Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson, Cara Pifko
Director: David Jung





Attack Entertainment | 2014 | 88 min | Rated R |

A typical weekend down the shore takes a bizarre turn into the mysterious New Jersey Pine Barrens as six girls and five obnoxious fist-pumpers become the unsuspecting targets of a deranged killer.

Starring: Danielle Dallacco, Angelica Boccella
Director: Paul Tarnopol





Image Entertainment | 2012 | 92 min | Not rated |

Hunter, a young doctor, survives a nuclear attack and is thrown together by happenstance with a group of wounded and frightened victims. In a makeshift shelter in rural Texas, Hunter and his companions wait for news from the government while fending off hunger, radiation sickness, and a horde of frightened and dying refugees.

Starring: Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, William Baldwin, Andre Royo, C.J. Thomason
Director: Peter Engert