The Dooms Chapel Horror is a creature feature with heart. This tale of terror recently had its World Premiere in Paducah, Kentucky, where it played at the River’s Edge Film Festival to a packed house (see some photos from the event below).

The premiere was sold out as producer Christopher Bower brought the film back to where it was filmed. Most recently the movie has taken part in the American Film Market, where it was shown to over a dozen distributors. A release is expected in 2015.

This new extended trailer shows the conflicts housed within the town of Kaler Mills. Kyle (Austin Madding) returns to his hometown after being absent for ten years. He is there to put a family tragedy to rest. Blamed for the death of his brother, Ryan (William Ryan Watson, Stoker), he hopes to clear his name by proving that his brother’s death was an accident. But something in the woods promises to take even more from Kyle

Indie feature The Dooms Chapel Horror tells a tale of revenge and stars Bill Oberst, Jr. (Deadly Revisions), Shaun Gerardo (X-Men: First Class), Wendy Keeling (Revelation Trail), and Joshua Mark Robinson (Burning Kentucky). The director is John William Holt, and the script was written by Jason Turner.

A horrific family tragedy, a town that lays blame, a boy who wants revenge. The Dooms Chapel Horror rises to unleash its terrible vengeance on the tight-knit Southern town of Kaler Mills.

Blamed for the death of his celebrated older brother, young Kyle Cole is tormented by members of the community to the point of no return. A secret meeting at the compound of a mysterious and dangerous man named Jordan sets the fate of the town… only to be put on hold as Kyle’s parents, succumbing to their grief, abruptly send Kyle away to be raised by distant relatives.

Now, years later, Kyle is a young man on the verge of graduating from college. He is joined by his girlfriend, Mandy, and Tanner, a young documentary filmmaker, as he travels back to Kaler Mills. He hopes to find peace with his mother and father and to finally deal with the events that caused him so much sadness and anger as a boy. But his parents are not the only ones waiting for Kyle’s return. The table is still set, and Jordan; his adopted son, Samuel; and the dark, ancient creation of Kyle’s vengeance have been waiting… and they are hungry!