A couple years ago I fantasized about action figures that I wanted to see made – but to my knowledge never had the green light from NECA or McFarlane. The past few days there have been a few articles making the rounds exploring some of the action figures that ALMOST got made but fell through because of licensing approvals. One of the figures that made my top 10 list of figures I wanted to see made was Samara from THE RING. Turns out it almost happened back in 2005 but fell through along with a handful of other figures like An American Werewolf, The Leprechaun and a Tremors box set! Check out the prototypes below along with my top ten action figures that have never been made.

My updated top ten action figures that were never made, but should be made to add to our adult toy collections!

– Manborg

– Champions of Zorb Playset

– The Strangers (set of 3)

– Scanners (With interchangeable exploding head)

– You’re Next Animals (set of 3)

– The Prowler

– Maniac (2-pack with mannequin)

– Motel Hell (Pig Slaughter)

– The Shining Twins (2-Pack)

– Poltergeist (Carol Anne with TV diorama)