Detention Films has announced that its latest production, Ricky Fosheim’s And Uneasy Lies the Mind, the first feature-length narrative film shot entirely on an iPhone, will be available nationwide on VOD from Gravitas Ventures.

And Uneasy Lies the Mind will be available to rent or own starting September 2nd on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, Redbox Instant, and most cable operators across the United States and Canada.

Written by co-stars Jonas Fisch and Dillon Tucker, the film is told through the fragmented and traumatized memories of its protagonist following a brutal attack. The filmmakers embraced both the limitations and the powers of Apple’s mobile camera to create visuals that would reflect his state of mind.

The film debuted at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose this past March, and its main titles were showcased as part of this year’s SXSW Film Excellence in Title Design Awards alongside opening sequences from “True Detective,” The Lego Movie, Pacific Rim, and “Masters of Sex.”


Peter (Fisch) is a freshly minted movie star. He has it all: wealth, fame, and a beautiful expecting wife, Julie (J’aime Leilani Spezzano). When the couple’s two best friends, Jack (Tucker) and Lauren (Michelle Nunes), join them at their new mountain mansion for Peter’s birthday, envy, secrets, and paranoia play out behind a barren, frigid winter landscape.

Soon the nostalgia and fake smiles crumble and the two couples grow increasingly antagonistic, turning to alcohol and drugs to bury the past. When Peter’s old friend Shawn (Isaac Nippert) shows up unexpectedly and covered in snow, Peter must scramble to protect his new life. The harder he fights to hold it all together, the faster he descends into a cavernous mental abyss. As the night grows late, Peter is forced to decipher reality from a twisting rabbit hole of truth and illusion.