Watch Seven Blood Drenched Minutes of ‘Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead’ Series

Back in 2015 the world was introduced to a scrappy low-budget gritty zombie film called WYRMWOOD. It was billed as “Mad Max Meets Dawn of the Dead” that was a no-holds-barred, retina blistering Aussie post-apocalyptic zombie film. Our festival, Panic Fest, was one of the first to screen it in the U.S. and it did not disappoint horror fans.

Now the creators are taking the concept and running with it in a new series titled, WYRMWOOD: CHRONICLES OF THE DEAD in a forthcoming Australian TV series.

A couple of familiar faces from the original film will be in the new series including actors Bianca Bradey and Jay Gallagher.

Check out this new 6 minute clip from the series along with some promo shots. Fair warning: this clip is NSFW unless you work at a slaughterhouse  due to excessive amounts of gore.