Downright Creepy Launches the “Phantom Podcast Network”

Downright Creepy has officially launched its podcast network! The PHANTOM Podcast Network on Downright Creepy, will feature 10 diverse podcasts that include horror, sci-fi and storytelling programming. The network consist of four original podcast shows along with partnerships with some of our favorite up and coming podcasts.

“We have a fantastic lineup of shows that I am very proud to have on the network. Downright Creepy will continue to build a podcast network for horror fans by horror fans. Providing our listeners with a horror channel they can look to for movie recommendations, horror news, creepy stories and strange takes on the genre we all love.”
– Tim KC Canton, Downright Creepy Founder

Follow the PHANTOM Podcast Network on Twitter and Facebook for network updates. Also subscribe to the network on Soundcloud and iTunes. Don’t forget if you dig a certain podcast then show them love and follow them on their social channels and feeds as well for exclusive content!


Attack of the Killer Podcast (Bi-Monthly)
Dark Was the Night (Bi-Monthly
The Horrorcast (Weekly)
Horror Scouts (Weekly)
Modern Horrors (Weekly)
Nerd Soup (Bi-Monthly)
Nightmare Junkhead (Weekly)
Super Creepy Funtime Hour (Bi-Monthly)
This Might Sound Crazy (Weekly)
Creepcast (Backlog Episodes)

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