Final Girls Ep 40: Blood in the Water Part I ‘Shark Night’ & ‘Jaws’

It’s BLOOD IN THE WATER MONTH Lovelies! This week on the 40th episode of Final Girls Horrorcast, The Girls discuss dive into the bloody waters to discuss “Shark Night” and “Jaws”.

Trailer Trashtalk Segment: “Cult of Chucky” – Release Date: October 23rd

Social Media Question of the Week Segment: You’re stuck in the movie Jaws. Who do you join forces with: Chief Brody, Matt Hooper or Quint?

Watchahead! Next week on Part II of Blood in the Water Month: Zombeavers (streaming on Netflix) & Lake Placid (available on Crackle).

Shark Night Rap:

Stuff You Should Know – Shark Diaries Episode:

Jaws Documentary as Referenced by Aimee: “The Making of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws'”