Final Girls Ep 43: BLOOD IN THE WATER Part IV ‘Piranha 3D’ in the ‘Deep Blue Sea’

The Final Chapter of BLOOD IN THE WATER MONTH is here Lovelies! This week on the 43rd episode of Final Girls Horrorcast, The Girls are joined by Justin & Liam from The Horror Buisness Podcast. Together they collectively swan dive into the bloody waters to discuss “Piranha 3D” and “Deep Blue Sea”.

Trailer Trashtalk Segment: “Jigsaw” – Release Date: October 27th

Social Media Question of the Week Segment: You’re on a boat, the lake is filled with piranhas. Do you save yourself – plowing over anyone in ur path, or do you help them onboard & risk tipping over?

Watchahead for Next Week: “The Beyond” available to stream on Shudder & “Suspiria” now streaming on Amazon Prime