Horror Junkies Podcast: American Ghost Adventure

After the show, we had our first ever Horror Junkies Exclusive Interview. We had the pleasure of talking to Robert and Rebecca from American Ghost Adventures join us on the show for a quick interview, before we turned off the lights to try and talk to ghost. If you would like to find out more information about American Ghost Adventures, you can check out http://americanghostadventures.com/. When we turned off the lights, things started getting a bit more intense. American Ghost Adventures, had EMF detectors, flash lights, and a device called a REM Pod, that has an antenna sticking out from the base, which gives off a loud noise if anything comes in contact.

After about an hour of walking around in the dark, we had our first encounter. In the room called the Library, a flashlight turned on and then turned off. We made contact, or tried to establish a line of communication, and we found out that this entity was called Max. Our host Mike would become overwhelmed with emotion and also become very cold. It’s not doubt that something happened last night, but what was actually there is beyond us. We do have a short clip of a Flashlight turning off, from last night, that is posted below. More to come on our YouTube Channel.