Horror Junkies Podcast: Paranormal

This week the Horror Junkies got together in an old building in Downtown Orlando, to discuss the Paranormal. Unfortunately, Austin couldn’t make it to the show this week, but our good friend Jake joined us. Jake is the type of person who carries a VHS copy of ET and Dark Crystal with him, and probably knows more about the ET Franchise than Steven Spielberg. Jake will definitely by back on the show, with more to share with our listeners. On this week’s Horror History Mike talks about the Ancient recorded accounts of Ghost sighting starting as far back as 950BC in the book of Samuel.

We didn’t have a Versus segment this week, well because we thought it would be kind of ridiculous to have to ghost fight each other, because they would never die. So in it’s place we decided to have an interview with Robert and Rebecca from American Ghost Adventures (americanghostadventures.com) on a separate show. While we were doing our show, we started to hear noises coming from the building, which added to our experience at The Great Escape Room, after hours. As usual we’d like to thank all of our listeners and as always Stay Weird.