Horror Junkies Podcast: It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

The Florida Palms are still green and its hotter than ever, but the season of the witch is finally here.  Here on the Horror Junkies Podcast, we love Halloween and the month of October. So, we decided to make this entire month about nothing but MONSTERS!

Each week we will discuss a new time period of Horror and our favorite Monsters. We’re going to discuss their creation, filmography, and why we love them. For this first week, we wanted to cover a vast amount of Monsters, so we’re starting with the early 1900’s until 1959. Diving into the history of Horror films, Mike brought up a the 1899 Robbing Cleopatra’s Tomb directed by Georges Méliès, this is considered to be on of the earliest horror films ever made. This short silent film portrays a man digging inside an Egyptian tomb and chopping up a mummy, which then resurrects the woman inside it. Long believed lost, a print was reported discovered in France in 2005, but the film that was discovered was mistakenly another of Georges Méliès’s films.

Another classic horror film that’s worth mentioning is The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari directed by Robert Wiene in 1921. This film captured the true essence of German Expressionism. From its long, contorted set deigns and dark atmosphere, this film really sets the tone for Horror films to come.

In our discussion on the show we focused on six monsters that were our personal favorites. Mike chose Frankenstein’s Monster, Nosferatu, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon, while Patrick chose The Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Body Snatcher.

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