Horror Junkies Podcast: Arise, Your Crispness! Arise, Duke of Deep-Fried!

It’s a bit late, but here is the overdue episode on SPAWN!!!! The Horror Junkies got together to talk about everyone’s other favorite Anti-Hero Spawn and how this character created one of the darkest stories in the comic world.

As usual we start with the news segment of the show and as per usual Pat A.K.A Tiny Rick brings a lot to the table. The first major highlight for the news was the recently dropped trailer for Jigsaw, the newest edition to the SAW franchise. Trailer looks like its going to a pretty blood filled movie, but it wouldn’t be Jigsaw without blood. Unfortunately, this newest film gives us a SAW 2 kind of vibe, so lets hope it doesn’t disappoint. The next piece of news to devour is the recently announced SPAWN movie. Todd McFarlane finally announced his big news during San Diego Comic Con that Blumhouse Productions will be making his movie.

We are tying a new segment on the show called Horrific Jams, where we play bands we listen to on the show and promote their music. This weeks’ Horrific Jams is a song titled Near Dark by a Canadian band called Guiltfeeder. You can listen to there music at https://guiltfeeder.bandcamp.com/ or on Spotify.

As always share and review the show and most importantly… STAY WEIRD!!!