Horror Junkies Podcast: They’re Coming to Get You

It’s week two of Monster month and on this episode of the Horror Junkies, Pat and Mike are looking at monsters they like from the 60’s and 70’s.

We start the show off with a different segment called Hairy,but Sweaty where we discuss nerdy things we love. Two days ago, the trailer for the latest installation of the Star Wars saga premiered and we cannot wait to see what surprises The Last Jedi have in store for us. We’re nerds, we can’t help but talk about it. Sorry, not sorry.

On the news segment, Patrick discussed the first image from the upcoming Strangers sequel coming out on March 2018. We get a first look at Dollface hunting a potential victim. We are extremely excited for this film to come out, because The Strangers has to be one of the best films to do the home invasion story line.

In the main part of the show we discuss a numerous titles of Monster films from the 60’s and 70’s. Patrick chose to talk about Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, credited to be one of the earliest slasher flicks in the horror genre. He also talked about John Carpenter’s Halloween and William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. Mike wanted to get weird and obscure with his monster picks so, he talked about The Astro Zombies, Blood Thirst, and Night of the Living Dead.

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Stay Weird!!

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