Horror Junkies Podcast: Brains! Brains! I Need Brains!

This week on the Horror Junkies Podcast, the guys in the studio super late and sleep deprived. We decided that since another Master of Horror left this world to the next, that we would do a tributecast. And of course we are talking about the recent passing of George A. Romero.

First, as always, Patrick A.K.A Tiny Rick dives into the news. This week we held back a bit on the news, so we could spend more time discussing Romero and his films. Some highlights that we discussed were: ‘The Snowman featuring Michael Fassbender, and Guillermo del Toro’s debut trailer for his upcoming movie ‘The Shape of Water‘. Both these films looking stunning and we cannot wait for them to be released.

Getting into the main portion of the show. Romero redefined how horror movies would be made with the debut of his movie ‘Night of the Living Dead‘, shaping the world from this one film that the Horror movie culture could in fact tackle social commentaries. We saw in ‘Night of the Living Dead‘ how the lead act Duane Jones, not killed by the hordes of Zombies he had just spent 90 minutes fending off, but rather meet his demise by the hands of the armed militia. The movies commentary of the Civil Rights movement hits so hard, you yourself might become the undead. This is just one example of many on how Romero’s work changed the Horror world, we go into much more during the show.

We played SuperFight this week and finally Angel and Mike got to battle each other. In the first round Angel won with Buffalo Bill who gets stronger when he drinks blood defeating Jigsaw armed with stakes, cross, and some garlic. We did another quick round and Mike ended up winning with a tribe of cannibals armed with one gun with silver bullets. Angel had Wolfman, who was having some sort of religious breakdown.

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