Horror Junkies Podcast: Ahh! A Spooky Spider

This week the Horror Junkies got together with their awesome friend Jorge to talk about disgusting, creepy, crawling Spider movies. Listeners beware, this might make you feel uncomfortable.

As usual Patrick takes us through the news, and as always there is just so much happening in the Horror world. The Strangers 2 just announced that they cast the three individuals to play as the beloved Strangers. Also released was an awesome trailer and poster for the upcoming season of Stranger Things, and Jesus, do things look like they are going to get stranger.

We talk about Tarantula from 1955 by Jack Arnold, Arachnophobia directed by Frank Marshall and of course a cult classic Eight Legged Freaks directed by Ellory Elkayem. Jorge tells us about a personal encounter with a spider and of course things get creepy.

And lastly, our friend Kayla jumped on the mic to help us review Spider-Man Homecoming. We know its not a Horror movie, but it’s our show and we decided to do it. So just listen to us nerd out.