Horror Junkies Podcast: We Remake Director, Franchise, Cast – Go!

And… the Horror Junkies are back, well two of us are back this week. Austin and Angel had some things come up so it was up to Mike and Patrick to talk about what movies they would remake or create a sequel to if Hollywood, was to just give them a blank check and say go wild.  Which is probably the scariest thing you could do with Patrick and Mike.

First, Patrick dives into the news surrounding the Horror world and was there a lot of it. We talked about Amityville The Awakening was pushed back once again, which in our opinion is great because they can just stop with that story line. Another awesome piece of news that has been floating around is that the Director of IT made the children on set cry. Sounds mean, but when you think about it, those tears need to be real to really capture the essence of fear. On a bit of a sad not M. Night Shyamalan Tales from the Crypt has finally been cancelled, which is truly sad because of the hype it was getting, but one door closes and another opens. It was announced that Midnight Society Returns for “Are You Afraid of the Dark” fan film for this Halloween.  Bringing up Halloween Horror Nights 27, the website has an image with a skull surrounded by roses and candles with the phrase “All Our Times Will Come”, which make Mike think that the Host this year may be some variation of DEATH, but who knows. We will continue to bring more news and announcements as we get them.

On this week’s Versus we decided to dig up some graves and bring the dead back to the living. Two Masters of Horror were chose this week: Alfred Hitchcock and Wes Craven. Which we believe would be an epic battle of monsters styled like  Yo-Gi-Oh! duel and they would throw scripts of their monsters at each other until the other was cast into the Shadow Realm. The Twitter poll gave the fight to Wes Craven at 59% and poor old deteriorated Alfred Hitchcock with 41%, but if you know the Horror Junkies, we never go with our polls.

As usual send us feedback and tell us how we’re doing, but most importantly… Stay Weird!!