Horror Junkies Podcast: Invasion of the Home!

On this week’s episode of the Horror Junkies Mike and Pat get together to talk about Home Invasions and some of the movies we love that surround them. Angel and Austin have permanently entered the void and we have no idea how to get them back, so hopefully by next week will have a plan.

On the Horror News segment on this weeks show, Patrick brought yet again a lot of topics to discuss. One of the weirdest things this week is a group of fans of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” are planning a 40th anniversary trip to the filming location, which sounds like it could be a really cool found footage film idea. The American Werewolf in London reboot will be a mixture of practical and CG effects. A quite ridiculous bit of news is that Michael Phelps is going to race a Shark during the upcoming Shark Week. Why this is happening? We really don’t have the answers, but one could only hope for some crazy shit to happen. And speaking of water, this Summer you could be lounging in the water, while watching Jaws, which seems like a great time, unless you live in Florida.

In the Horror History segment, Mike talks about a personal experience he had with someone breaking into his old house in Ocala and Patrick also shares a story of a home invader. Who would’ve thought that Mike would own the sword from Lord of the Rings to hopefully attack his invader.

Versus this week is completely new. Instead of coming up with Horror Icons to fight each other, the guys picked up an expansion deck from a card game called Super fight. We each drew three white cards, which are the characters and then three black cards, which are the attributes. Then we show each other our fighters and we debate who would win in a fight. The game is a lot of fun and we can’t wait to play it more on the show.

As always tell us how we’re doing and share the show with your friends. And remember to Stay Weird!