Horror Junkies Podcast: Not Another Shark Movie!

The Horror Junkies are back this week and for once we are not sweating are beards off in the hot garage. We have relocated into an open room at Mike’s house and there is AC. Today’s show is going to be all about Shark movies and just how much we hate all of them, because we can all agree that Jaws and Sharknado are the only great shark franchises to exist.

As usual we dive into the news with our host Patrick, and again it feels like a never ending list of things happening in the Horror world. First up is the recent confirmed release of the title for the next installment of the Saw series. Saw 8, known as Saw Legacy is now going to be called Jigsaw. So who knows what story line the director is trying to go for, but based of the plot synopsis, it feels kinda like Saw 3. Next

On today’s show we also celebrate the release of probably one of the best shark movies all of time… JAWS. Directed by Steven Spielberg and released on June 20, 1975, after 42 years of blood curdling screams, this movie still makes people wary to step into the ocean waters. JAWS will always be a show favorite and will continue to instill the fear of sea into its viewers.

On this weeks Versus, we decided to battle two major Shark movie franchises and see who would win in a fight to the death. This week it was JAWS against the underdog Sharknado. The Twitter poll ended with JAWS taking the lead with  78% and leaving poor Sharknado with 22%. But it wouldn’t be in typical Horror Junkies fashion if we didn’t utterly disagree with our poll and we all said we think Sharknado should win. We feel like the Sharknado would go over water, become a cyclone and pick up JAWS and destroy him.

And finally, we talk about some recent movies we watched during the week and listen to Angel create a Space Shark movie and just get weird.