Horror Junkies Podcast: In Space, No One Can Hear You Podcast

Hello, Horror Fiends. The Horror Junkies are back and once again we are joined with are good friend Jake to discuss the Alien Franchise. We did something weird and decided to record our episode at night in Mike’s backyard, and it definitely complemented the topic of today’s show.

Patrick dives into the Horror News Room and brings up some excellent announcements in our world. First up is the trailer release of Castlevania, coming to Netflix July 7th. The intro to this trailer is among one of the coolest intro’s to ever happen. We are shown an original Nintendo system and that classic red Castlevania cartilage and an old school Tv. Castlevania is going to be an animated series and that deals with “the last surviving member of a disgraced clan fights to save Eastern Europe from Dracula”. The Tales from the Crypt TV series is getting a complete box set on DVD and is expected to hit selves June 20th. Also announced was that the new Godzilla movie will have practical effects, which really gets all of our veins pumping, as we always say “Bring Back The Monsters”, so we are all looking forward to see some Monster Creation images coming soon. And lastly, Universal released the title for the shared universe of monster movies is “Dark Universe” and they introduced the logo and musical theme composed by Danny Elfman.

On this week’s Versus segment we chose The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers and The Crawlers from The Descent to fight in Space. The twitter poll had The Creeper wining at 54% and The Crawlers at 46%. We all debated and decided that due to their horde like attacks and the confined space of the ship would be so much of an advantage for The Crawlers.

Want to know our thoughts of the Alien series? Well listen to the show and find out.