Horror Junkies Podcast: Vacation Horror

On this week’s episode of the Horror Junkies Podcast our host Mike is vacationing to Spain, so we decided that the best topic to discuss would be about horror movies that take place on vacation. The discussion begins with us talking about what Vacation Horror means to us and what are go to horror movies are within this genre.

During our news segment Patrick, dug deep into the news reel to find out what’s happening in the Horror Culture. First up on the chopping block. Alien Day is here finally and with that came a plethora of awesome news about the anticipated Alien: Covenant (May 19, 2017). There we numerous streams of the original movies, as well as interviews from the cast and crew. Also released were a new ling of Funko Pop figures, that include two different variations of Xenomorphs.  Also announced, M. Night Shyamalan gave us the title to the sequel of Unbreakable and Split, Glass, which is going to coming to us hopefully in 2019. And unfortunately, the Horror world lost an iconic director, Jonathan Demme. The director of the truly terrifying Crime/Thriller Silence of the Lambs.  In the Indie world, Camera Obscura  directed by Aaron B. Koontz, starting Christopher Denham (Shutter Island & Argo) will be hosting its final screening at the Enzian Theater tomorrow Thursday 27th at 915. Camera Obscura is a movie about a young man who gets a pre-World War II camera from his fiancé. He was formerly a war photographer who has been experiencing PTSD. The new/old camera is not helping as it photographs events which have yet to occur. If you would like to find out more information about this movie head over to Paperstreetpictures.com

In our Horror History segment show it was time to look into what the hell happened on this day in the world of Horror. First up, the 1953 Mark of the Vampire, directed by Tod Browning, starring Lionel Barrymore as Professor Zelin. Another film was release this day is the 1956 third adaptation in the Creature from the Black Lagoon series titled The Creature Walks Among Us, directed by John Sherwood. We also have some other death’s in the Horror world. Broderick Crawford passed away at the age of 74  and Louis Peraino, producer of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, passed away at the age of 59.

On this week’s Versus segment, we took the beloved Griswald Family and put them up against The Strangers. The Twitter polls were super close with have the Griswald’s at 42% and The Strangers at 58%. We all deiced that the Griswald’s would try their best to survive The Strangers, but would suffer heavy casualties, in this weeks match. Shout out to all the people who voted this week and gave us their responses.

We introduced a new segment this week called “What did we Watch”. Where we try to guess each others movies, based on some criteria we came up with. But it didn’t work out as we hoped, because we chose hard movies to guess. So we are going to restructure the segment.

This week we watched two movies to review Phoenix Forgotten directed by Justin Barber and we also watched Pool Party Massacre directed by Drew Marvick. If you have yet to watch this go do yourself a favor.

As usual everyone, hit us up, join the conversation, and Stay Weird.