Horror Junkies Podcast: Summer of Horror

Wow it’s been a awhile! Mike has returned from his trip to Spain and, surprisingly, suffered no threats from masked individuals wielding chainsaws while on vacation. He did however encounter an unholy amount of stairs, but that is for another time…

We, The Horror Junkies, are back this week and since summer is approaching, we thought it would be an excellent idea to dive into the summer theatrical releases and give our predictions. Will we buy it or will we sell it? The summer for average people is a time for lounging, swimming, and summer flings, but for the horror world, its a time for blood thirsty slashers, unsuspecting campers, and all the things that go bump in the night.

Below we have created a list of the Horror movies coming out this summer.

May 19 – Alien Covenant RT = 77% Buy
June 9 – It Comes At Night RT = 70-85% Buy
June 16 – 47 Meters Down  RT=20-40%  Sell
June 30 – Amityville : The Awakening RT= 10-30 Sell
July 14 – Wish Upon RT= 40-60 Half and half
August 4 – The Dark tower RT= 20-70 Buy
August 11 – Annabelle Creation RT= 1- 70 Sell
August 25 – Polaroid RT= 20-50 Sell

In the horror news room Patrick talked about how The Purge TV series will document the other 364 days of the year. It will be very interesting to see how everyone prepares for the day of death. Ghosted released a trailer which goes from normal to paranormal very quickly. Also, we are getting a Vampire Found Footage film called They Live Among Us, and the trailer documents a “Vampire Hive”. The most shocking news is that we are getting a continuation of the Michael Myers story line from David Gordon and Danny McBride.

We decided to allow Angel to get crazy and let him discuss one of his conspiracy theories on the show and he brought up Nephilims, which are giant people, that are apparently the offspring of “Sons of Gods” and the “Daughters of Men”. Things got really weird during this new segment, but the decision rests with you, the listeners… Do giant people exist?
Finally, we go to the most anticipated segment on our show: Versus. This week we had every Horror fans dream battle; Jason Voorhees against Michael Myers. The Twitter poll put Jason in the lead with 68% and poor Michael with a whomping 36%. It’s not a shocker that Jason has the advantage because of his brute like appearance, but Michael brings a sense of stealth to the battle. The Horror Junkies discussed it and we came to a conclusion. If this was a face to face battle, Jason would win due, ultimately, to his reach with his weapon. Michael Myers uses a kitchen knife and would have to get up close and personal, whereas Jason can just hack and slash from a distance.
Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where we discuss the Alien Franchise and review Alien: Covenant. And as always Stay Weird!!